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Private Wealth Management

Hays and Hays Financial Services is a private wealth management firm. We specialize in helping clients develop and implement comprehensive plans to achieve their financial and personal goals. We work with clients over their entire economic lifecycle.  The early years of that cycle focus on initial home purchases, debt management and risk management while beginning a wealth accumulation program.

Mid-life economic issues often involve planning for college education, retirement and possible support for elderly parents.  Planning for retirement years primarily involves organizing affairs to plan for adequate income during the lifetime of both spouses. Hays and Hays also helps clients plan for the transmission of their wealth during and/or after their deaths for children, grandchildren or other heirs in the most tax efficient manner.

Services can be provided through hourly consultation for financial consulting and/or a flat fee for comprehensive financial planning engagements.

Asset wealth management

Investment management services are provided and charged based on an annual .75% of assets under management. Hays and Hays is a fee-only investment company and therefore we do not receive commissions from any products used during implementation of an investment strategy.

Tax preparation

Tax preparation services are provided at an hourly rate for those clients currently using our wealth management services.

Business workshops

We also provide informative workshops for businesses to offer their employees related to investment strategies within their 401K or profit-sharing retirement plans.  Fees are based on number attending and total time requested.

Please contact us at 806-371-9188 or  for further details or services provided and/or fees.

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