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The ABC’s of Financial Parenting (Teaching Your Children to Prosper)

As parents, one of our responsibilities is to train our children in the area of finances.  As trainers, we need to possess a certain level of knowledge and skills and then learn to communicate and transfer these principles to our children. Habits that lead to prosperity and those that lead to poverty are clearly identified in the book of Proverbs.  The workshop reviews those habits and then provides practical, age appropriate suggestions for developing these positive habits in our children. A comprehensive list of financial proverbs is provided for attendees.

Avoiding the Top Ten Money Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of life.  We all make them.  But some mistakes are more costly than others.  Properly identifying the financial missteps that can cause the most damage and then knowing how to avoid, or correct, them is crucial. Categories identified include estate planning, investment strategies and debt management.  The material is presented as a “countdown” from ten to one – ending with the biggest mistake people make related to money. The workshop helps you determine areas that require immediate attention and a strategy for systematically working through each of the ten problem areas.

Ten – 4 – Twenty (Ten Money Musts for Twenty-Somethings)

Young men and women in their twenties have an amazing opportunity to chart their financial course, yet they often fail to differentiate economic myth with economic reality. To do well with money, you need to develop sound financial habits that you can consistently practice during your lifetime.   Directly targeting the “twenty-somethings” age group, we focus on ten biblically-based financial principles upon which to build a solid foundation for their future.

When God We Trust

Building a solid financial foundation requires biblical truths and principles, not just worldly knowledge. The workshop combines godly wisdom with practical application to help develop financial stability for a lifetime. Topics covered include the three scriptural choices you have to make with money, steps to setting and achieving financial goals and a simplified method of budgeting.  Suggestions are provided for improving financial communication between couples along with a biblical model for getting out of debt.

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